Created from the passion of all things supercar. Our membership experience is defined by like-minded people, united by camaraderie, and connected through our membership benefits.

Fully-loaded automotive experience

Gain exclusive access to a coveted fleet of supercars. Get behind the wheel of your dreams and awaken your senses, discover the thrill of driving on a whole new level.

Member Benefits

  • Open 6am to midnight
  • Full kitchen with espresso and snacks
  • Flat 6ix Club group drives, rallies and special events
  • Car rental program for qualified members
  • Available car storage
  • In-house PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation
  • Car detailing services
  • Ceramic coating
  • F1 viewings with breakfast
  • Movie nights with popcorn
  • Poker nights

Connect with Like-minded Enthusiasts

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of Flat 6ix Club is the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Share your passion for speed with a community of individuals who share your enthusiasm. Forge lifelong friendships, exchange stories, and build lasting memories through exclusive club events.

Become a Member of Flat6ix Club Today

Flat 6ix Club operates every day of the week, welcoming members to drop in and socialize at their leisure. Consider the club as your personal clubhouse, where you can visit, enjoy a cup of coffee, appreciate remarkable vehicles, and spend time with like-minded car aficionados.

Come join us and uncover the extraordinary benefits that await you

Members events

Participate in exciting events such as car shows, track days, and more!

Members Special Discounts

You’ll receive special discounts on car maintenance at official car dealerships.

Member co-working space

Private meeting rooms and workspace is available for all members to use.

Rent car

Membership information

For more details about becoming a Flat 6ix Club member, send us your information and we will be in touch.