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From our quality Paint Protection Film to our meticulous Auto Detailing services, every aspect of your car’s appearance will be immaculately cared for by our team of  professionals.

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Paint Protection Film

Designed to provide you with the peace of mind on the open road, keeping your vehicle’s surfaces safe from hazards such as gravel, oils, corrosive bug acids, bird droppings, and preemptively preventing paint chips.

Auto Detailing

Tailored to provide your car with a comprehensive spa-like encounter. Every inch will be revitalized, restoring your vehicle to its pristine showroom state.

Paint Correction

Make your car look brand new and restore it to its original condition. Our experts will skillfully eliminate scratches and revive the paint to its authentic colour.

Window Tint

Shield yourself from the detrimental effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Discover the impressive range of Prime™ Window Tint options.

Ceramic Coating

Create a transparent, durable, and high-gloss barrier that shields your car from environmental elements, UV rays, oxidation, dirt, and chemical contaminants.